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News & Technology:
     Wired News
     Animation World Network
     The Clay Animation & Stop Motion How-To Page
     Aardman Animation
     3D Total - The CG Artists Homepage
     CG Talk - Digital Visual Effects Professionals
     Keith Lango's Organized Keyframing and How It Works
     Gene Deitch's How to Succeed In Animation
Puppetry / Mask Theatre:
     The Puppetry Home Page
     San Francisco Bay Area Puppeteers Guild
     Nick Barone Puppets
     Images In Motion Media, Inc.
     Swazzle (formerly L.A. Puppet Pros)
     MuppetCentral - Muppet Fans with Bad Attitudes
     Companyia Jordi Bertran
     Karen Prell - Red Fraggle & CG Animator at Pixar, Tippett...
     Rick Lyon - Sesame Street & Avenue Q Puppeteer
     Michael Curry Design
Performance Animation (Puppetry + CG Animation):
     Nazca Entertainment
     MTV Best Virtual Performance 2002 - Gollum's Acceptance Speech
     2-D Virtual Puppet (in Flash)
Children's TV & Records:
     Jim Copp & Ed Brown (Playhouse Records)
     Mr. Rogers
     Bill Nye, The Science Guy

Character / Toy Design:

     Scarygirl - Nathan Jurevicius
     The Art of Michel Gagné
     julius and friends - paul frank
Internet Rights:
     Electronic Frontier Foundation
     Larry Lessig
Electronic Music:
     My own
     Harmony Central
     Native Instruments
Robotics / Automata:
     LEGO™ Mindstorms
     Mondotronics' RobotStore
     Cabaret Mechanical Theatre
Humorous Things:
     Furnitures, The Big Brown Oaf
     Home Star Runner
     Making Fiends
     Muffin Films
     Aaaah! It's a Boob!
     The Onion
     Kittens doing a cover of Destiny's Child
     The Mutha Fo' Founding Fathers
     Snacktreat Boys - I want a Fat Babe
     Spock & Kirk: Lovers
     Bert is Evil (Osama Bin Laden Story)
     Breedin' in Eden
     Ping Pong, Humanette-style
     Hey Ya Charlie Brown!
     Avenue Q
Videogame History & Theory: - Videogame Theory
     Atari Gaming Headquarters - Your source for Atari info
     Simulation 101: Simulation vs. Representation (or Why Games are not Narratives)
Musicians & Bands I like:
     They Might Be Giants
     Jason Mraz
     Fleming & John
     or just look at my CD List