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Brian Stokes
email: bstoked at g m a i


Programming: UNIX, Linux, HPUX, Irix, Windows 98/2000/XP, Mac OS; PERL, MEL, Python, C shell, Java, C/C++; MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server
Graphics: Maya, MotionBuilder, Shake, Photoshop, Flash
General: Technical Writing, Training, Project Management, Leadership
Office: MS Office, MS SQL Server, FrameMaker;

Experience: 2009-10
Software Engineer

  • Maintained and extended Internet music database and webservice (Apache / mod_perl).
  • Back-end support for International Agile team.
  • Responsible for re-launch of UK and DE Napster sites.
  • Designed Internationalization tool, in Perl Catalyst & Moose.
Shopzilla, Inc. 2007-2009
Software Engineer
  • Maintained, enhanced and troubleshooted large-scale Internet sales search engine and consumer-site (Apache mod_perl).
  • Core member of International Agile team.
  • Responsible for co-brand launches in other countries (United Kingdom, France, Germany).
  • Wrote content layout rules in SQL (Sybase & Oracle).
  • Wrote banner ad configuration tool in Python Pylons / SQL Alchemy.
Affiliate Fuel, Inc. / Experian (consulting via Xtivia) 2006-2007
Sr. Perl Programmer
  • Added functionality to legacy CGI tool suite.
  • Wrote new tools and added much-needed security reinforcements.
Sony Pictures Imageworks, Inc. 2003-2006
Associate Character Pipeline TD (Technical Animator)
  • Member of pipeline team, responsible for building brand new reference-based pipeline for Beowulf.
  • Wrote geometry & shader import/export, documentation, and other tools with custom interfaces in MEL and python.
  • Enhanced and maintained separate pipeline for the motion capture tracking group, written in Perl, python, shell script, and Diva.
Sr. Production Services Technician
  • Worked on feature films including Spider-man 2, The Forgotten, Christmas with the Cranks, Monster House, Bewitched and Open Season, Sony Pictures' first all-CGI cartoon.
  • Wrote Perl and shell scripts to automate render management, image conversion, and disk management.
  • Managed film outs, vendor shots, data restores via a tape robot, and a giant render queue, with often extreme time pressure.
  • Troubleshooted render jobs from compositing, lighting, simulation and animation renders.
  • Set up and "drove" visual presentations (dailies) for FX Supervisors, Industry Executives, and crew.
Moonlight Systems, Inc 2000-2002
Software Engineer

  • Co-wrote Windows port of a Enterprise software management & auditing system, written in PERL.
  • Developed an automated Windows-based software deployment system
  • Wrote documentation
  • Trained clients on-site, developing customized solutions to their needs.
Third Voice, Inc 1999-2000
Software Engineer
  • Wrote PERL-based link verification system, using MS SQL Server 2000.
  • Wrote Web spiders to comb web pages for content system back-end.
  • Wrote content pre-processing scripts, for classification and cleaning.
  • Managed intranet, developing dynamic charts for Marketing.
Internet Profiles, Inc (Engage/Ipro) 1996-1999
Research Engineer
  • Responsible for custom processing and research of Internet clients
    (approximately 6% of company revenue)
  • Wrote management and processing scripts in Python & PERL
Sr. Data Manager
  • Managed up to half a Terabyte of Web Log data a month for up to 17 clients, including ESPN, GeoCities,, USA Today, Yahoo!, and Starwave
  • Wrote data filters in PERL to clean, and pre-process data
  • Wrote resource management scripts
BioVision, Inc 1996
  • Used Vicon™ motion capture software to identify human body parts within data cloud.
  • Cleaned motion capture data for use in proprietary animation software.
protozoa, Inc 1995
Performance Animator / Character TD
  • Wired real-time CG puppets using proprietary ALIVE™ software.
  • Wrote expressions for tail-wagging, eye-lid, body, time-delays and control via optical joysticks, Polhemus™ sensors, and optical sliders.
  • Responsible for a 10-second animated short every week.
University of Pennsylvania,  Philadelphia, PA 1993
      BA in Communications, BAS in Computer Science  GPA 3.2
Academy of Art College
      Softimage I
San Francisco State Multimedia Extension
      Flash I, Video Production, Creating an Animated Series for Television
BAVC / Goodwill
      Intro to Digital Media (formerly Weblink)	 
Awards / Distinctions:
Puppeteers of America Youth Scholarship, 1993
"Best Comedy" Region 3 for LifeFormz, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Colege TV Awards, 1994
Henson Muppet Auditions 1999
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