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Sonic Experiments

This is Davros 303k WAV Explain His Weapon 488k WAV
Help The Medicine 243k MP3 AciDavros 463k MP3
Now Give The Order 197k MP3 Juicy 230kMP3
Moleculoid 195k MP3 No Nose Noise 389k MP3
Don't Go There 460k MP3 Question 1.4M RealAudio G2
Neo-protege 480k MP3 Laugh 740k MP3
Afro Swing 980k MP3 DoomSayer 1.7M MP3
Bathtub 600k MP3 Everyone Has Pain 744k MP3
Clouds 523k MP3 Radio Italia 769k MP3
Sank My Battleship 2.5 Mb MP3    



Tools used: Acid Pro, Pentium III 650MhzIV 2.6 Ghz, Cool Edit Pro, Goldwave, Sonar, and lots of recordings and software synthesizers.

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Copyright © 1996-2003 Brian Stokes.