Friday, March 26, 2004

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I love Charlie Kaufman movies. (Well ok, I have not seen Human Nature) Adaptation had an incredible Klein bottle of a plot. Being John Malcovich was a hoot especially amongst us puppeteers. But Eternal Sunshine is a perplexingly brilliant look at the memory of love, and what it might be like if we had the ability to erase it when it hurt too much.

This time Michael Gondry is the director (rather than the awesome Spike Jonze). Gondry does a lovely job of depicting what it might be like to hide in one's own memories as they're being erased (similar to the ending of Being John Malcovich but with CG effects). This has to be my favorite Jim Carey movie, as I don't like any of his other ones. He plays the shy, neurotic but sweet guy counterpoint to Kate Winslet's flighty, outgoing, spunky but insecure love-interest.

As with any Kaufman movie, do not expect clichés -- this is a love story that only a surrealist or comedy science fiction series like Red Dwarf might tackle. I loved the scenes in which Carey's character roams about his memory of a city street only to have the orientations shift, objects be in the wrong place, and faces blurred. Carey & Kate are very honest, real, and believeable as lovers. Not perfect by any means. The only character I didn't quite get was Elijah Wood's. Oh well. Maybe I'm just too used to him as a Hobbit.


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