Sunday, March 14, 2004

Why I won't see Mel Gibson's Passion

Let's get this straight. Mel Gibson, a wealthy and evidently Christian actor has made a film. But because he's chosen a 2000 year-old story that many believe to be true, even though he insists it is a work of Art (well, commercial art anyway), an expression of his interpretation of that story, many unintelligent people think he has created a spiritual work.

Listen carefully. I did not say people who believe the story of the Bible are unintelligent. What I am saying is that anyone thinking Mel Gibson has created a Holy Creation is not smart at all.

I have issues with going to see the movie. Passion is not history. It is not even a documentary. It is "spiritual fiction" loosely-based on the Bible, other interpretations of it, and Mel's own ideas. If Mel were being honest about this being a work of art, expressing his opinions, then perhaps I might see it. However, it is based on Holy material and yet succumbs to merchandising -- precisely what Jesus urged not to do. You can now buy "Official The Passion thorn necklaces" which is stunningly bad taste, I think. Then of course, the movie is about a Jew getting his ass kicked. The Bible does not devote a lot of text to this, yet apparently most of the movie is a blood-fest. Blood-fests without character development are shallow, yet I hear that all we learn about Jesus in the movie is through minimal flashbacks.

I hear some parents are taking their children to see it. I think this is absurd -- they would rather have them watch Jesus get crucificed (in a glorified way) than allow them to see a breast on TV?? Ridiculous.


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