Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Thanks Mel, for inciting More Rage against the Jews.

Apparently, some not too bright Muslims in the Middle East have interpreted Mel Gibson's vanity film The Passion of the Christ as literal, historical truth. Which is funny in a way -- the Quran says Jesus did not actually die. Yet, some have stated to the Press after seeing this movie that they now believe Jews were to blame (apparently for this fictional death).

To all those that think that the Jews Killed the Lord. One, if you're Muslim and anti-Jew to begin with, a fictional death isn't a credible source for your anger against all Jews. Two, if you're Christian, you should either realize that certain Jews & Romans may have killed him (i.e. don't blame the whole race), or be thankful we did.

After all, you'd have no Savior if he weren't killed.


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posted by Brian at 9:28 AM

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