Thursday, May 13, 2004

Ashcroft Tries to De-Charter Greenpeace Using 19th Century "Sailor Mongering" Law

I am really starting to despise every aspect of our Administration.

Our so-called Justice Department is charging Greenpeace with "sailor mongering," an obscure late 19th century law to curb brothel women from boarding navy ships to get them drunk. Why? Well, Greenpeace members boarded a ship that was allegedly
carrying an ultra-rare, endangered Mahogoney that is illegal to transport & sell. They were protesting the apparent lack of enforcement on both the Brazilian and Miami ports. The individuals spent a low-stress weekend in jail. Should be enough for a civil disobedience charge.

But no.

Mr. Ashcroft and his cronies wanted "vengeance" against this anti-Bush group. If they succeed, Greenpiece will lose its 503c status as a non-profit and be fined large sums of money. If they succeed, few members of groups will be able to protest
without possible repercussions on the group. Perfect if you want a country of no dissent.

This is NOT America, folks. It was, now it is not. Over and over since 9/11, our corporate sponsored government is undoing the Constitution, lying, rewriting history, censoring, suing, doing whatever it takes to make the world safe for Democracy Business.
All with a smile.

But as Yoda reminds me, one must not give in to the Hate.


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posted by Brian at 6:47 PM


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