Wednesday, May 19, 2004

An Intellectual Property Review...
or why Schwarzenneger needs to chill

Arnold, once famous for playing the part of a time-traveling cyborg with a vengeance, is now governor of California.

With equal vengeance, he is suing a small company for making a bobble-head version of him, believing he owns his image as a copyright.

Uhuh, not so fast, Mr. Schwarzenneger. You're no longer a celebrity, you're a public official, which in this country means, you are
not immune from public mockery of your image.

Now in this blurry administration, the rules of business & commerce have invaded those of public, democratic government.
One of those rules is that you own your product, your inventions, your trademarks. I can see why he might think he can claim
those rights coming from the commercial world of Hollywood.


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