Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Feast or Famine, where Women are concerned

I am now seeing someone. Yay! But ironically, just as I was trying to see someone else who was acting, well, flaky. Meanwhile, I'm getting winked at on (mostly by women I'm not interested in).

My new lady is a beautiful Phillipino writer/voice-actress who by some cosmic fluke knows more Sesame Street and Saturday Morning cartoon references than I do! She's smart, affectionate, and seems rather compatible so far. I'm enjoying getting to know her, for a change. Dating is such a pain in the ass, I'm determined to enjoy what I can of it.

All this is making my happiness meter go wayy up.

UPDATE: I spoke too soon. After a week of calling me daily at work, a dinner & a movie, spending the day shopping, quoting Sesame Street, singing along to tunes in my iPod, seeing a play, discussions about future trips, decorating my apartment, and her having me promise to have her put together my new cabinet from IKEA, she broke up with me. She had stayed over after the play (which we had a great time at), but fell asleep on my lap as we watched Waiting for Guffman. Took her to bed, she slept like a rock. Woke up. Acted rather "cold." Complained about her skin allergies and decided she needed to go home instead of go through with our day's worth of plans. Didn't call me at work the next day. Called me later that night to break up with me. Why? "Something was missing. You could do so much better."

Hmm. I thought the only thing missing when she stayed over was her!
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