Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Team America: Almost Hilarious?

Saw Team America this weekend while my brother Colin was in town. He and our friend Josh and I agreed: it's hysterical, but flawed.

I get the sense the whole thing was rushed. And it was! They had they're first cut ready 3 weeks before it opened, according to a Sony projectionist friend of mine. (Team America had its dailies on the Sony lot). With more time, Trey & Matt would have had the opportunity to add more humor towards the middle (where it started to slow a bit) and make better use of the marionette gags. The ending didn't have the "progressive punch" I'm used to. In fact, I'd say it was more of a "Conservativism may be violent, but hey, get used to it" message.

It was very exciting to see puppeteers get top billing though. And I don't care if a certain song was reused from an episode. I was singing "Montage!" on my way out of the theatre.

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