Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Copy-protected CD's

Now that I work at Sony Pictures Imageworks (cousin of Sony Music), you'd think I'd be more inclined to favor copy-protection on everything we make. Or at least find people on that side of things. But the funny thing is, most people I work with including higher-ups are all "guilty" of piracy in some form or another, and when Sony scheduled an informational dialog about IP, the attitude of the attendees was "We do copy stuff. But we also buy stuff. Don't lecture us." Most commonly, people use software they don't own in a pinch, or CDs to use music in company-wide presentations.
No more threatening to the music industry than borrowing a screwdriver is a threat to the hardware tools industry.

Sony Music is protecting its Compact Discs now.

I flat out refuse to (knowingly) buy a copy-protected CD. There are times when I need to make Mix Cd's that other people use and buying every CD again for them is ridiculous for a one-off situation. Unfortunately I did buy a Morcheeba Limited Edition Charango album (allegedly produced in Australia, land of draconian copyrights) which I am unable to put onto my iPod.
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