Tuesday, May 31, 2005

This Sith is Bananas: Observations on Episode III

Ok, I did not see Star Wars Episode II. Why bother? One long videogame interstitial. No acting. Yoda reduced to being a shiny 3-D videogame sprite instead of a character that Luke finds heavy to lift were it not for the power of the Force. No real anything except maybe the fabric in the costumes. Episode I wasn't good either for plenty of reasons, but it was watchable and had fabulously bad lines like "A communications disruption can only mean one thing. Invasion." Um, how about, forgot to pay your Nabooian palace energy bill maybe?

So I think the only reason I went to see it was the co-worker "Oh come on, you gotta see it with us when it opens!" factor. And I did. Some quick observations:
  • Using the Dark Side is really bad for the skin.
  • George, why must a distracting robot enter frame during the heat of Anakan/Obi Wan's lava battle?
  • The Jedi aren't all that good at defending against sneak attacks...
  • Basil Twist's underwater puppetry (ala Symphonie Fantastique) was all the rage on Coruscant, albeit with floating ball of water instead of 1000-gallon fish tank. Actually, the seats looked fairly empty... maybe the future Emperor of the Sith had taste in the obscure puppetry arts?
  • Why did the Sith-contracted officers all become British, other than to coincide with the first Trilogy?


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