Monday, June 06, 2005

Go see Mad Hot Ballroom now!

I strolled over to the Arclight theatre the other day, in search of cinematic distraction. My choices were Ron Howard's latest attempt at in-your-face directing, Cinderella Man, which might be good if you can believe Russel Crowe as an underdog, or Madagascar which I hear is a funny short film about penguins mixed in with a longer boring film about zoo animals who don't have much to do once they get to Madagascar, OR a movie about inner-city 10th graders competing in ball-room dance competitions.

I'm sooo glad I choice the 3rd option. How nice it is to see a sincere movie about joy for a change! I haven't felt this much genuine suspence since I watched a similar movie, Spellbound a couple years ago. Uplifting to see underprivileged kids -- who might otherwise succumb to desperation -- find focus and self-confidence through the mastery of dance.


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