Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Republicans want PBS dead

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the private corporation funded by taxpayer money to provide diverse, educational programming through PBS and NPR, is being undermined from the inside.

If you think I'm kidding, or that there's no way our administration would try to kill Sesame Street, Frontline, Nova and other shows of intelligence (that might once and a while feature lesbians, nudity, language, or ideas counter to the Administation), think again.

Already, the current (also conservatirve Republican) head of PBS agreed to censor a kids show that happened to have a lesbian in it, after pressure from our mis-Education Secretary. Face it, we do not live in the finest example of a Democracy anymore. Democracy requires an informed public, and our Administration sees fit to remove all tax-paid opposing voices in the name of "Balance".

If we don't do something soon, my niece will not experience the benefits of PBS that me and my brothers were raised on. This is personal, Mr. Bush.


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posted by Brian at 11:29 AM


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