Friday, October 14, 2005

Yet Another CG Animation Sudio

In the next two years there will be over 15 CG-animated movies that I'm aware of, including those by newcomer Orphanage Animation, soon to be lead by Gendy Tartatovsky, the artist behind Samurai Jack and Clone Wars. It will be interesting to see if he can create compelling full-length animation stories, and whether they will take animation in any sort of new direction. We've had enough of the videogame-turned-movie plots, the animal buddy movies, the animals-all-dancing-to-hip-hop movies, the robot movies, and the children's books that get stretched way too thin. Even fairy tales have been over-done. What else is there?

I wish Charlie Kaufman would write one. He's the only screenwriter I know that is pushing the envelope of movie writing.


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posted by Brian at 6:48 PM


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