Monday, November 07, 2005

Dave Foley's The Tribute or Brian, ALWAYS Bring a Camera, Dammit!

The Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood has some great stuff going on these days. Emo Philips. Vaudeville acts. And last night (and next weekend too), Dave Foley's The Tribute, a musical review with video clips about four ex-members of an 80's singing group, Sparkle.

Fantastic singers! Free Boru Vodka drinks! But even better, Dave Foley himself, greeting everybody. Last night I seemed to be one of the few non-friends and family there, but just as I was kicking myself for not bringing my tiny Sony digital camera (which is always a hit with celebrities), I saw a familiar-looking woman and her husband talking to Dave. Maura Tierney! Doh! 25% of the cast of Newsradio.

Never ever listen to yourself if you say "Eh, no celebrities will be there" and you live in Los Angeles.

Anyways, it's a fun musical review with a really good live trio, so go see it if you can.
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