Friday, January 27, 2006

Delicatessen on DVD. Finally!!!

At last, fans of director Jean-Pierre Jeunet can stop wearing out their tired, out-of-print VHS copies of Delicatessen, if they even had them, as for the longest time they cost $80 each. For whatever reason, Jeunet's other works had made it to DVD long before in the US, but not this one.

Last year, at a screening of Delicatessen and Amelié I went to, Jeunet told the audience he was perplexed MGM had not released the DVD yet, stating it was a requirement in his contract. I guess he nudged them or something. At long last!
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Blogger Constance said...

I LOVE Delicatessen. I saw it when it first came to the US with the cute French high school exchange student. He laughed hysterically while I read the subtitles. I sort of loved him. It's a fav memory.

March 06, 2006  

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