Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Traffic School, Hollywood-style

Whenever I get a traffic ticket, I go to Comedy Traffic School at the Improv rather than take an online test. Sure, it's about 7 hours rather than 2, but you always meet the most interesting people! Of our 35 classmates, we had filmmakers, screenwriters, casting directors, photographers, fashion designers, an fx technician (yours truly), a number of actors and actresses, a set designer, and even a choreographer. (No celebrities this time, but the teacher mentioned that they're often in the class. Not even they are immune to traffic tickets). We literally had enough people to make a film.

I met a spunky woman who has not only acted in Hugh Grant movies and teaches Salsa dancing, but has birth-parents who rule the southern part of Sierra Leone. When she went back to meet them (after years of growing up in the States), a group of 300 met her and asked her what food she would like for her feast. Not wish to be too complicated, she asked for chicken. As it turned out, chicken is quite rare in that part of Africa, but after scouring the nearby villages they were able to find a few. Goat would have been much easier.

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where is this school?

March 23, 2006  

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