Thursday, February 16, 2006

Corpse Bride Screening

This has been Corpse Bride week, as Warner Brothers and Tim Burton have been heavily promoting the release of its DVD on radio and events. First, there was the signing event with Tim Burton and Danny Elfman at the West Hollywood Best Buy. Had I not run into my friend already in line, I would not have had a chance to get anything signed. Even with that though, it took 3 hours to get one of the two DVDs I just bought in the store (despite earlier folks getting two things. NO fair!) At 11 PM, there was still a throng of screaming people locked out in front of the store, shouting “Tim! Tim! Let us in! Let us in!” As we walked in, somebody handed out a flyer for a screening at the Director’s Guild tomorrow night.

So we went to that too. In the lobby were large displays of props, characters, and a demo of the animation process. Then a screening. On the way out, we were immediately given copies of the DVD and books and animation flipbooks. (Oh man! Wish I hadn't bought mine...) and told politely “Please, no autographs.” Hmm.

Obviously Tim did not want to go through the madhouse of people again like the night before. Despite the host saying that there would be a reception afterwards where we could ask Tim questions, later Mr. Burton stayed in the corner of the party near the elevators, surrounded by guards. He talked only with interviewers and Warner executives. Eventually, kids and parents and fans figured out where he was and kept encroaching closer in the hopes of an illicit autograph or personal photo. None were to be had though — eventually he was whisked away into the elevator and into a limosine (driven by a skeleton).

Many attempts, hors-douvres and small cups of red wine later, I was able to get this fuzzy picture of Tim Burton with my tiny, no-zoom 2-megapixel camera. Ah well. At least the food was fantastic, and you certainly can’t beat free stuff!

Anyone want a copy of Corpse Bride? I have two one extra now...


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posted by Brian at 8:44 PM


Blogger Jeff Pidgeon said...

Hey Brian!
If you wind up going to an appearance by Blake Edwards, I'd like his autograph! I lost out in an online auction.

February 21, 2006  

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