Thursday, February 02, 2006

Scary Legislation in the works:
Using Trademarks in your own Art == ILLEGAL

The environment is sure changing for our land of Free Expression. Just in the last few weeks I've seen reports of very scary things:
  • American Search Engine companies are adopting Chinese censorship rules.
  • The American Administration is adapting Soviet-style wiretapping and eavesdropping rules on the American public.
  • Companies (such as the one I work for) are installing Instant Messaging monitoring hardware to spy on all chatting activity.
  • Companies like AT&T are acting as government gestapo spies, handing over personal information to our government without warrants or other Constitutionally-required checks.
  • Telecommunications companies controlling the pipes the Internet sits on are lobbying to privatize everything, making everyone pay for preferential treatment. Essentially, no more neutral Internet, and pay-per-view for everything. Those with more money will get to control what is seen (just like TV today). They alone would control who gets that special treatment (and you can bet it won't be the public). link
  • Bills are being considered to give corporate trademark owners ABSOLUTE power over communication with them, tightly controlling the use of words like Coke, slogans, and images of buildings and basically any part of the environment around us built by human beings. Link

My doomsday communications nightmare (that I wrote about in a short short story "Out of Print" back in 1992) may come true if we don't fight back.


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