Friday, March 24, 2006

The Administation's Tactic: Attack the Messenger

This article shows in a case by case fashion how are administration is trying to blame the media for allegedly only showing the "bad side" of the Iraq war -- you know, the deaths, the carbombs, the insurgents, our own military killing unarmed families.

Contemptuous examples include O'reilly declaring that all this is just about "idealogical hatred" by Liberals. But more insididious ones are having Bush talk to an audience member desperately trying to explain what a great place Iraq is now that we're there.

Funny how if it's against the war (yet accurate), the Administration will do anything to either stop it or punish the reporter (ie. claim it's against national security). Yet if it's completely unsupported or irrelevant (wow, two kids managed to play a game today! See? America's occupation is great!), they want this on the news. Considering how our Military is telling the Iraqi media what to say, it's not surprising it's happening here.

I can't think of any other time in American History where the Administration deliberately attacked the Constitution, the Media, the News, anyone or anything its wake, without respect for process or Law. But then I'm ignorant. Perhaps this happened and somehow we restored balance eventually.


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