Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I AM 8-BIT 2006 Gallery Opening

Last night I went to the second annual I am 8-bit art exhibit. Last year, the event took place in two galleries, one with the art and a bar, the other with a retro-lounge with plasma screens hooked up to X-boxes playing Mattel Intellivision™ games. Live musical performances from 8-bit Weapon and Toy Boat rocked the lounge, with a comfortable-sized audience. Creators of original Intellivision™ games welcomed attendees. It was quite fun.

My first impression - "What, no bar??"

My, what a difference this year! Only one gallery this time. Twenty minute wait to get in. No lounge. Wall-to-wall people. As you can see below, 8-Bit Weapon (down to 1 member) played its Commodore 64 dance numbers antisocially up in the rafters, barely noticeable.

The primary improvement this year though -- the Art itself.

Mario was probably the most prevalent videogame character, just like last year. Though there were quite a few others this time around, from games like Dig Dug, Dragon's Lair, Pac-man, Ms. Pac-man, Defender, Burger Time, and various Atari.

A curious take on the Sega/Konami™ classic, Frogger.

MTV was there, covering the event.

Max Headroom, and poor 8-Bit Weapon, banished to the rafters this year. Could barely hear them above the din of people.

Outside, around back was the bar, serving free glowing green, red, and blue drinks of vodka and energy soda. Hence the horde of people, many who probably work in the game industry. There were some ladies showing off Capcom games on PSPs, and the MTV hostess trying to interview unsuspecting, intoxicated gamers and art fans. Amanda and Michelle from were there, and I think I spotted Tim Biskup. Managed to get a Vodka Cranberry just in time for them to run out of cranberry from the push-button sprayer-thingy. So it was mostly vodka. Oh well. What ya gonna do?


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