Thursday, May 25, 2006

FOX Unbiased Reporting Example

I just saw Al Gore's film, An Inconvenient Truth. It quite calmly describes -- with evidence and without angry finger-pointing -- why not only the economy would be destroyed were we to ignore global warming, but a large chunk of mankind itself.

As usual, FOX presents very compelling arguments, like from "Mr. Flat-tax" Steve Forbes: "the fact of the matter is, the policies that result from it would hurt the economy, would create unemployment." Hmm. How? Massive flooding has a tendency to reduce employment. 100 million refugees won't exactly be helping the economy.

Meanwhile, Toyota is rocking as the number one automobile manufacturer, investing money into hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles (which consumers are buying). American companies, in contrast, are whining about it costing too much to change, and subsequently are tanking in the marketplace. They're the ones laying off people. They're spending money on lobbyists.

FOX focuses most of its show worrying about Gore getting into office, not on what to do about global warming. As Mr. Gore's film illustrates, there is really no debate here -- the world's most populated, coastal cities will flood if we do nothing.


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