Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cool Job Posting: Workflow Storyboard Artist

One of the things lacking in most operations departments, whether it be for animation or Internet web-logging companies, is a good way to improve workflow. Usually management is too concerned with daily quota, operations folks are too busy meeting that quota, and engineering is too disconnected from daily workflow to build a better workflow.

So it's really refreshing to see a job posting at Pixar for a person in charge of inter-departmental workflows. Even more intriguing is that the job involves drawing story boards and making pitches!
Summary of Job:

We are seeking a skilled Technical Director to develop smooth, efficient workflows based on work practices of Pixar's production staff.


-Develop workflows based on existing work practices and new software designs
-Translate workflows into story board form
-Pitch stories to director and other audiences
-Work with design team to develop new ideas and alternate solutions to workflow problems

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