Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Where are the High-brow Games?

Interesting essay asking the question, "Why are there no high-brow videogames?" The problem with it though, by its own admission, is that there are some high-brow videogames and so-called "Merchant Ivories" of the game world. I think the issue then is "Why can't we get anybody outside of Gaming to recognize them?"

Comics and Puppetry and even Animation claim to have no respect. Now poor Videogames. Seriously though, if you want an Art form with the lowest self-esteem, go with Puppetry. It has the smallest revenue stream. Fewer and fewer practitioners competing for that shrinking stream. More people use its name for its derogatory meaning (i.e. as a metaphor for something helpless or manipulated) or as simply a children's medium, or as something boring to do ("shadow puppets") than as something positive. Ironically though, it's one of the most powerful and immediate art forms for those lucky enough to experience it performed by masters.

Videogames is definitely the young kid on the block. It's the biggest too (money-wise), though does not have the same demographics as Film, and does not cater to an elder crowd yet who in yester-years would have liked Classical Music and Ballet and Theatre.

Maybe the concept of High-brow is a dated term. Nowadays, we have niches.


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