Wednesday, September 20, 2006

How To Sound Like a Dalek


Daleks have haunted me since childhood, ever since I watched the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker, get chased by these menacing albeit paraplegic robots. They aren't particularly ferocious-looking, and you have little to worry about if you're on a planet with stairs, but the voice! Man.

Should you want to sound like one, the above equation will work. Get yourself a Cole Lip-mic (a 1950's era BBC microphone) and a ring modulator (such as this classic analog model from Moog). Female microphone holder optional.


Thanks to Music Thing.
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posted by Brian at 1:58 PM


Blogger Sukotto said...

Hi. Just a bit of an fyi for your 'stairs' comment. The new and 'improved' Daleks have the ability to levitate. So they are now rather unstoppable. -Scott Norris

April 26, 2010  

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