Friday, January 26, 2007

Behold! My GINORMOUS Computer Monitor

Hmm, well this photo does not do my new Dell 2407WFP monitor justice. But trust me. It's HUGE. It's literally two-feet wide. Very reasonably priced too, compared the Apple ones. (It was my friend Jeff Pidgeon's 23-inch Mac monitor that inspired me to take the leap)

24-inch is small by today's TV standards (Ahem. I still have a 20" inch Sony Trinitron from 1994 that's still chugging along, thank you very much) But a computer monitor, with 1900x1200 resolution... Good Lord!

Did I need it? Well, things were getting fairly cramped screen-wise when I was editing music. My old-faithful monitor (on the left) is the 1995 Portrait Radius™ (the original rotating monitor) and is still working. But it's a behemoth, a stove (you can cook a waffle on it), and takes up a good third of my desk when in its landscape mode (99.9% of the time). It chokes up on anything beyond about 1100x800 resolution. It's about as deep as this new monitor is wide. When I get a cable extension, I'll hook it up too for even MORE SCREEN SPACE!

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