Friday, January 05, 2007

Too much Intermittence, Not Enough Genius

Ugh. I have not been writing often enough on here lately. I can blame my two day Internet outage at home (which I remedied last night by noticing that somehow, my Internet Connection settings were set to "disable". Huh!), my being busy at work, or the Holiday Season blitzkrieg.

It's 2007! Good grief. Ten years ago I was in San Francisco, and was beginning the ride of a called I/Pro. AOL was still a closed online garden, trying to get subscribers by snail-mailing people CD's. We all used dial-up modems. The era of perpetual text-based online worlds was on its way out, leaving iChat (not the Apple version) and soon ICQ (the first Instant Messenger) to take over as the prime Internet addiction, for the relatively few of us online. You could still meet people who did not know what the Internet was. To say you met someone on was still a taboo, an admission of complete social desperation. C|NET was a television show, not just a website. Must-see TV really was must-see, with back-to-back Seinfeld, Newsradio, Friends and ER. The late Mike Oznowitz (Frank Oz's father) still hosted Holiday Puppetry Guild parties at his Oakland home. My PC was a Pentium 150 Mhz running Win95, though for most activities it felt zippy. Nobody had cel phones, only pagers.

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