Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sid Meier's Pirates! is Crack, I Tell You

A month ago I found a used copy of Sid Meier's Pirates! for my PSP. Since then, I've accomplished the following:
  • Married the "beautiful" French governor's daughter
  • Become the #1 pirate on the Spanish Main
  • Had Spanish and British bounties placed on me for almost $90,000
  • Found 3 Lost Cities
  • Rescued my lost sister, uncle, and grandpa
  • Been thrown in Spanish jail for a year
  • Retired rich and famous (though in Poor health) as a Fencing Instructor
  • Undermined history by conquering Havana and Santiago and Barbados in the name of France
Now I'm trying to wipe out a colony, either the Dutch or British.

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