Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Asia Travelogue coming soon...

2 countries.
6 cities.
11+ train systems.
8 hotels.
3 currencies.
2 temples.
4 museums.
1 theme park
2 hotel rooms not wide enough to open suitcase
50+ gyoza (eaten).
1 Peking Duck (eaten).
Dozens of doomed live shrimp (eaten)
1 frozen alligator in a Guangzhou grocery market (NOT eaten).
6 exotic Chinese herbal medicines.
1,237 Japanese thank you's...

It's the T.I. Super-genius Asia Tour!

I am back from weeks in Asia now, decompressing. My head & stomach are resynchronizing to my body. My brain is adjusting to a dehomogenous society.

But very soon you'll start seeing entries and photos (some from my 35mm, some from my Sony U30 spy camera).

Stay tuned!

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posted by Brian at 11:09 PM


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