Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Food in Shanghai: Peking Duck

I had the good fortune of having locals show me around Shanghai, without which I could not have experienced the array of colorful culinary concoctions from northern China. Manchurian "donbeiren", Tawainese, Beijing-style, and Shanghai were all on the menu.

One night, we ate what is notably a Beijing specialty, Peking Duck. We took a taxi to a famous place that presidents have visited:

Our hostess, who leads us upstairs to the pending feast:

Duck I am used to, certainly. But unfamiliar to me were the appetizers my friends ordered for us. Duck feet cooked enough to be soft, but still a bit rubbery:

A plate of tiny, still-living shrimp swimming in a sauce. On the right, fried tofu (okay, that I know). In the middle, much more familiar sautéd shrimp:

Ahh. Here we go. The man with the knife rolls in the main course:

After he's done his magic, voila! Peking duck:

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