Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Other Music Genres need 3rd Person Singular Verbs!

Yesterday my site producer IM'd me to thank me for having the album Orblivion by The Orb on my iTunes. I wrote back "You're welcome. The Orb rocks!" and then realized that was inappropriate. The Orb doesn't "rock" -- it makes excellent ambient electronica music! But how do you say that in a one-word soundbite?

The Orb trip-hops? Zero 7 chills out the house?

What about other genres? Do Bach, Prokofiev, and St. Seans project Classicism? Rap is already a verb, but not an emphatic one like "rock." Shouting "You rap!" during a 50 Cent concert is just stupid.

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posted by Brian at 10:09 AM


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