Sunday, August 05, 2007

T.I. Super-genius Life updates

After a few weeks of interviews, I am now working for a comparison shopping site with a name sounding like Godzilla. Great bunch of people on my team into LEGO®, figurines, and 80's music. I will be learning a lot about the architecture of huge websites, quite different from the tiny intranets and simple load-balanced CGI sites I've worked on before. And we'll be doing agile development, a buzzword meaning that we do frequent software releases for incremental and sometimes major improvements, rather than every 6 months or whatever.

The plan will be to get settled into the job and then move closer, away from my noisy apartment. (It's next to a condo in-progress, and an alley frequented by inebriated punk rockers, skateboarders, homeless people, and speeding vehicles using it as a shortcut.) I do like Hollywood, but I'm afraid the taggers and swirling police helicopters get old after a while.

One perk of the job -- I get to have a Macbook Pro! Most of our team is Mac-centric. I love it so far! If you know of any Mac-ish tools or games I should have, leave a comment.

Meanwhile, little Charlotte and her parents are in town this week!

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