Monday, October 15, 2007

Zordinath Log

Zordinath is my Orc Hunter on World of Warcraft and he has been embarking on a lot of adventures since his birth a few weeks ago. Some highlights:
  • Raided a castle, seizing the desired quest item from a chest on the top of a tower, then leaping off and running away to escape the guards
  • Learned through a series of trials how to tame a pet, starting with a wildboar, a crab, and a giant scorpion. Now he's got a pet Velociraptor named "Rappy".
  • Went hunting in the Golden Valley at night amidst the wolves and tigers and gigantic Kodo lizard herds.
  • Discovered a hidden jungle oasis inhabited by centaurs and rather unfriendly snapping turtles
  • Acquired the ability to use guns
  • Took a blimp ride to the other island which is more Halloween Goth and less Tolkien. Rappy looks a bit out of context.
  • Joined a guild run by my friend Michelle (aka Stirfry) who gave Zordy a bunch of handmade storage bags and money.
  • Discovered an area where all creatures are a good 10 levels ahead and quickly fled the other way
  • Met another lower level Orc Hunter with a pet crocodile. I took them hunting, which is much easier with a group, particularly when other beasts show up.
  • Completed a timed quest where I had 45 minutes to deliver some fungal spores to a priest in a hidden cave up on a faraway city on a cliff. Made it with 22 seconds to spare.
  • Developed skills in skinning (expert level) and leatherworking (journeyman) and can now make embossed pants, vests, boots, and bracers.

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