Thursday, December 27, 2007

Intriguing PSP Game: Crush

It has been a long time since I picked up my Sony PlayStation Portable™, probably due to World of Warcraft and other activities. However, today while searching in vain for a decently-priced Nintendo Wii™, I picked up a game with an interesting premise: What if you're playing a 3-D platform game and suddenly wanted to play it in 2-D? What if the entire gameplay revolved around switching back and forth to solve puzzles?

The premise is you're Danny, a total insomniac who is being treated via this strange mind device called the Crush, which has him roam about his subconscious collecting important articles. Sometimes, in order to reach these items, he must squash perspective down to a flat world, either sideview or top-view. Very nice moody saxophone chill-out music plays in the background as you roam about mostly dark, abstract rainy cityscapes. It reminds me a bit of a cross between the Atari Lynx game Chip's Challenge, the classic Sega Genesis game Flashback, and any of the numerous true 3-D platform games out there (originating with Mario 64).

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