Sunday, January 06, 2008

Finally! A Futuristic Vehicle For Sale (soon)

The Aptera Typ-1 is the protoype of a three-wheel electric motorcycle-class vehicle being offered for sale in California at the end of this year. It will be offered as either a purely electric vehicle chargeable overnight by a standard electrical outlet and good for 120 miles (less than typical commute), or as a gasoline hybrid-electric capable of 300 mpg. Yes, 300 mpg, not the lousy 35mpg our government wants the auto industry to, uh, strive for in the next 10 years. (Hmm, doesn't the Toyota Yaris already get 35mpg? Way to set your goals high there, EPA.) Granted, this is not technically a car but just look at this baby! Panaramic view. Cage made of material 10 times stronger than steel. Video cameras instead of a rear-view mirror. Enough room for three people, groceries or golf clubs if you're so inclined. Your choice of white. Bragging rights and gawkers for years to come.

For a mere $500 you can reserve one. The final cost will put it up there somewhere with a Prius (around $26-30k).

At last! We can soon buy a vehicle that looks like what EPCOT and other science museum exhibits predicted cars might look like back in the 80s. This is the iPod of vehicles.

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posted by Brian at 11:53 AM


Blogger Stephan said...

The only concern I have with motorcycle-class vehicles is that, at least in AZ, you need a motorcycle certification on your driver's license. Even though it's probably not a lot of work to get, I notice that the extra step stands in the way of my daydreams when it comes to cool vehicles like this.

January 08, 2008  
Blogger Brian said...

Yeah, I'm not sure about other states. In CA at least, a 3-wheeled vehicle does not require a helmet or extra license requirements.

January 10, 2008  
Blogger Andrew Glazebrook said...

Now I've always put off learning to drive, but I might learn if I can get one of these !! :)

January 24, 2008  

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