Monday, February 25, 2008

LifeFormz: Foamhenge (Teatime)

One of two sketches called "In Search of the Unsolved, Mysterious, Unexplained, Unknown Things We Do Not Know Anything About."

How We Did It:
  • Bertrand Crumb in front of green screen, long shot to make him small.

  • Two 1 1/2 foot or so rod & mouth puppets of Stonehenge on a table in front of a black screen, medium-shot to make them seem big.

  • Both these are done at the same time, with the Amiga Video Toaster doing the Luma-key of a blue sky with clouds and the JVC analog switcher doing a Chroma-key of the result behind Bertrand Crumb.

  • Audio looping done in post.

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posted by Brian at 11:43 AM


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