Monday, March 10, 2008

Life as an Accidental Movie Extra

So yes, if you partake in extra-curricular activities in Los Angeles, there is always the random, remote chance you'll meet someone who'll invite you to a film shoot. If this happens, you will wind up on a movie set unexpectedly. Since there's generally not much exciting to do, the casting director or director (if he/she knows you and the scene calls for it) might very well ask if you "Do you want to be in the movie?"

The answer should be "Yes" with the following caveats:
  1. It will involve waiting.
  2. You might not get more than 5 minutes during the day to talk to your friend, who will be busy non-stop.
  3. It may take all day; possibly two or more.
  4. It will mean you are part of the hierarchy, somewhere below actors and crew.
  5. You will likely meet very interesting people, some who do this sort of thing a lot, others like you, find themselves here for the first time.
  6. You will probably feel like a pawn, with assistant directors giving you vague, sometimes nonsensical instructions just before the rehearsal; Those instructions might be irrelevant as soon as the camera rolls.
  7. Asking anyone "What is happening next?" will result in "I don't know" up until after it happens.
  8. You may feel uncomfortable, over-caffeinated and tired, but once it's all over and done with, you have the chance of being in something seen by millions of people.

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