Sunday, March 30, 2008

My 1970s Childhood TV Experience: The Krofft Supershow

Oooh, boy. They don't make shows like this anymore, do they? Kids minding their own business in a park are given balloons by some stoned adults in crazy spandex costumes who lead them them to downtown Atlanta.
Don't get left behind!
Take a trip with us today...
We will lead you to a land of dreams.
Krofft has some super shows;
They will blow your mind away
When you join us, you'll know why we say

It's just a crazy world
where anything goes down
and most of what appears isn't true
And in this crazy world
We like to be downtown
And laugh at life along with you...

The Krofft Super Show (x2)

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posted by Brian at 9:05 AM


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