Monday, July 28, 2008

My Personality Type? ENTP (or ENFP depending on the day)

My workplace sponsored a Myers-Briggs Personality test for any of us who wanted one. We then had a half-day workshop describing some of the personality differences and thought processes of the 16 different types. We took an online version last week and evaluated ourselves again throughout the workshop, and in my case, I got two different but very overlapping results.

My report came back with ENTP, while my self-evaluation came back ENFP. Makes a lot of sense, really. ENFP is described as "Catalyst," which I've often called myself. Someone once told me I'm a man in need of a direct object (Brian stokes...what?) ENTP is described as "Entrepeneur" which although I'm not one at the moment, it's something I've always wanted to be. The two types have exactly the same motivators and frustrations; the only difference seems to come down to Thinking vs. Feeling, and I find myself oscillating a lot between them. But thinking dominates about 55% of the time.

One of the hosts asked me a tie-breaker question: Do you find it easy to play Devil's advocate? (Yes) If so, then you're probably ENTP.

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