Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cartoon: Save the Economy by Paying the Bankers $700 Billion for $#@&ing up our Economy? Awesome.

There is something fundamentally wrong with companies -- which caused the financial crisis in our country (affecting the entire world) -- urging Congress to reward them with taxpayer's money for making extremely bad decisions. Those on the Right and the administration argue that the market should have no regulations, should not have any government constricting them in pursuit of infinite wealth, and yet when they fail, by all means, the government should pay them our money, because otherwise they'll take everybody down with them. If they truly believed in the Free Market, companies that fail should die and new ones should step in.

How about we throw every CEO banker involved with this mess in jail (instead of giving them millions in golden parachute money)? If this were China, the folks committing what amounts to massive corporate fraud would be sentenced to death. Oh wait, that won't happen, these people also are in government. Oops.

The last time we had a collapse like this the government refused to give away the people's taxes. A rich person fixed the problem, bailed out the system. Instead, the rich involved are rushing to save themselves and scare everyone with doom and gloom unless "something is done now!"

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