Sunday, March 22, 2009

Attending TEDx tomorrow...

Whohoo! I have always wanted to attend the TED conference (the videos of which are often blogged about here).

There's a talented electronica mash-up performer (and self-proclaimed controllerist) named Moldover whom I've seen perform at a NAMM after party and at an Ableton Live user's group. Anyway, he sent out a mailing list announcement that he'll be showcasing his multiple user musical instrument (the Octamasher) at TEDx, a smaller version of TED over at USC tomorrow, and mentioned that he might be able to invite people to the otherwise invite-only event. I emailed him back and luckily they had space for one.

So you'll be getting full coverage tomorrow on this blog. The guest list and range of topics look intriguing:
This year's TEDx USC speakers and performers include the street artist who created the Obama "HOPE" poster, a worldwide rock star who has sold more than 30 million albums, one of the creators of the most complex scientific instrument in history, and an inventor who is restoring sight to the blind. Also on hand will be several USC innovators who are changing the world in gaming, immersive environments, bioengineering, animation and music.

Stay tuned!

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