Friday, March 27, 2009

TED for Underprivileged Kids, and other Brainstorms

My girlfriend Tricia and I have both been enjoying the TED videos for a while. It's great that the otherwise expensive and exclusive TED Conference can be viewed by anyone with broadband Internet access, but this week was TED's first foray into bringing the live experience to a university setting, where students and some of the more general public can attend.

Still, something feels amiss. We had a conversation this morning -- what about the kids in bad neighborhoods, in bad schools? Who is bringing great ideas and inspiration to them? What TED-like experience could be brought to them and would it have an impact on their literacy, their motivation, and future success in life?

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posted by Brian at 6:46 PM


Blogger Colin said...

That's what Citizen Schools is all about! Cool experts from around the city come and do projects with kids after school that transcend what they do in classrooms. Then they present their work to their parents and friends. Kids have proposed designs for parts of the neighborhood, made fashions out of recycled materials, raced robots, curated art shows. Now that so many brilliant people are laid off, more and more opportunities like this will open up for low-income kids.

April 01, 2009  

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