Monday, March 23, 2009

TEDx USC: Chris Anderson, C.L. Max Nikias, broken TED video, Jayne Poynter

Krisztina Holly, USC's MC for the program introduces herself and the first group of many guests, including Chris Anderson of himself:

C. L. Max Nikias (from USC) reads his speech about interdisciplinary communities and the importance of intellectual friction (that is, surrounding yourself with people with ideas not your own).

They try to show a TED video but it has audio problems... now we're hearing from Jayne Poynter, who has lived in an artificial BioSphere, or a simulated closed environment. Problems she dealt with: eating herself (i.e. exhaled CO2 feeds sweet potato, which she eats...), losing oxygen (7 tons) to compost and into the concrete, realizing how smelly we are on the outside, and losing touch with her impact on the Environment once she left the BioSphere.


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