Monday, March 23, 2009

TEDx USC: Parking, Registration, Seating

Arrived at 11:30 AM at the USC parking lot. Really warm today, left leather jacket in the car. Followed the signs to Bovard Hall, where a set of tables were set up for registration. Asked somebody where comp tickets were picked up -- around the corner, where a few folks were setting things up still. Registered without a hitch, other than they needed to get more plastic lanyards.

Looked in vain for something to eat. No luck. Back to the front of Bavard Hall to read the program. Paul Debevec (Benjamin Button FX), Moldover... Met a radiologist who has attended many TED conferences, and other gatherings.

Found a seat, 2nd row. Hope laptop battery holds out! Guy next to me and woman next to him are Twittering on their iPhones. They showed me how to sign up and use it, although it's a little cumbersome on the website itself. We'll see how it goes. (How interesting is it to read 1200 "I am at the TED conference" messages?)


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posted by Brian at 12:40 PM


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