Friday, September 25, 2009

To blog, or not to blog...

The question running through my head lately is, now that most people seem to be reading my Facebook updates, should I maintain this particular blog (which has been up and running since 2002!!), or start a new, improved (more focused?) one? You can see I don't update it as frequently as I should. It's partly due to lack of motivation, lack of time, and a small amount of blogger envy (or "Wow, those blogs are getting all the attention. Why isn't mine?")

Seems like when I do write, I write mainly about puppetology, music and music technologies, videogames, the evils of corporations and politics, and myself.

Dear reader, which of these do you enjoy most? Should I break this site out into specific blogs about each subject? Or do you like the haphazard mix as it is? How can I improve it?

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posted by Brian at 2:46 PM


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