Friday, June 26, 2009

X-Files: My Face Is Out There

As you may have read here last year, I wound up on the set of Chris Carter's movie X-Files: I Want To Believe. While Chris and another friend of his were both somewhat certain I made it into the final cut of the film, neither I nor my friends were able to find me when we went to the theater to see it. Aaaargh! Unfortunately, seeing the movie once is enough and I gave up after the first viewing.

Months later, the DVD came out and I figured I would try the deleted scenes to see if I hiding in there somewhere. Nope. I tried combing the two main emergency room sequences. Sure enough, while running scene 12 (where Skully is doing the stem cell operation on the terminally ill boy) in slow motion, I found a few spots with me! Whohoo!

Me staring at Skully and the incoming big-ass needle, second one over from the left (the only nurse with chest hair).

I am in the background on the upper left, pointing at the X-ray panel for no reason.

Closer view of me pointing at the X-ray panel, left side.

I'm dead center, facing away from camera standing at the foot of the stretcher.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Life as an Accidental Movie Extra

So yes, if you partake in extra-curricular activities in Los Angeles, there is always the random, remote chance you'll meet someone who'll invite you to a film shoot. If this happens, you will wind up on a movie set unexpectedly. Since there's generally not much exciting to do, the casting director or director (if he/she knows you and the scene calls for it) might very well ask if you "Do you want to be in the movie?"

The answer should be "Yes" with the following caveats:
  1. It will involve waiting.
  2. You might not get more than 5 minutes during the day to talk to your friend, who will be busy non-stop.
  3. It may take all day; possibly two or more.
  4. It will mean you are part of the hierarchy, somewhere below actors and crew.
  5. You will likely meet very interesting people, some who do this sort of thing a lot, others like you, find themselves here for the first time.
  6. You will probably feel like a pawn, with assistant directors giving you vague, sometimes nonsensical instructions just before the rehearsal; Those instructions might be irrelevant as soon as the camera rolls.
  7. Asking anyone "What is happening next?" will result in "I don't know" up until after it happens.
  8. You may feel uncomfortable, over-caffeinated and tired, but once it's all over and done with, you have the chance of being in something seen by millions of people.

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Truth is Up Here

I'm in Vancouver rather suddenly, pretending to be a nurse on an upcoming movie. Not allowed to take photos, sadly.

Why? Well it has to do with who I met in DJ class back in April of '07, the creator of the 90's sci-fi paranormal activity TV show, The X-Files.

UPDATE: Saw Mr. Carter at an X-Files panel at the Arclight. He told me "You're in the movieee..." as he signed my autograph book. Whohoo!

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Zordinath Log

Zordinath is my Orc Hunter on World of Warcraft and he has been embarking on a lot of adventures since his birth a few weeks ago. Some highlights:
  • Raided a castle, seizing the desired quest item from a chest on the top of a tower, then leaping off and running away to escape the guards
  • Learned through a series of trials how to tame a pet, starting with a wildboar, a crab, and a giant scorpion. Now he's got a pet Velociraptor named "Rappy".
  • Went hunting in the Golden Valley at night amidst the wolves and tigers and gigantic Kodo lizard herds.
  • Discovered a hidden jungle oasis inhabited by centaurs and rather unfriendly snapping turtles
  • Acquired the ability to use guns
  • Took a blimp ride to the other island which is more Halloween Goth and less Tolkien. Rappy looks a bit out of context.
  • Joined a guild run by my friend Michelle (aka Stirfry) who gave Zordy a bunch of handmade storage bags and money.
  • Discovered an area where all creatures are a good 10 levels ahead and quickly fled the other way
  • Met another lower level Orc Hunter with a pet crocodile. I took them hunting, which is much easier with a group, particularly when other beasts show up.
  • Completed a timed quest where I had 45 minutes to deliver some fungal spores to a priest in a hidden cave up on a faraway city on a cliff. Made it with 22 seconds to spare.
  • Developed skills in skinning (expert level) and leatherworking (journeyman) and can now make embossed pants, vests, boots, and bracers.

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