Friday, September 12, 2008

SPORE (or Great, Like I Need Another Universe To Suck All My Time Away)

SPORE is out, and I have it. This is the Massively Single-Player Universe-in-a-box game I wrote about earlier, in particular for its amazing Creature Creator. The idea is that you start out as a cellular creature, eat and reproduce until you're advanced enough to go on land, survive predators, add more and more features to your body, making friends and enemies with other creatures, building civilizations, then finally heading out into space. There are now 13 million+ creatures in the system, most of which are created by folks like you and me. It's nice to know that my two species (so far) are either playing nice with, or beating the crap out of those from players in Toledo and Shanghai, Brownsville, Morocco and New York.

Suffice it to say, I'm no game player -- while coworkers (Level 70 WoW masters) have already gotten to space level, I'm still figuring out how to play in Tribal mode. However, I see it as my duty to experience the result of Will Wright and his team's ridiculously ambitious project. So far, it's very impressive and addicting.

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Monday, April 30, 2007

Adventures in the Land of Excessive Free Time, Part I

I know, I know -- one should not complain about having too much free time. It's a very rare substance. Even more rare than parking in West Hollywood. Or even fast-food Eskimoan. But you should be happy to know that I'm starting to fill it up with worthwhile, self-improving (well, mostly) activities.

In this installment: the gym! "What? You need a gym?" Yes, I'm afraid so. The free food at work, slowing metabolism and being stuck in traffic for 2 hours a day have taken their toll. My recent photos are a lot different than the blog profile (late 1999) or even my summer 2006 Comic Con photos. Although, it seems there are two types of celebrities where weight doesn't seem to matter: Rock stars and DJs.

There are at least three gyms in ridiculously close walking distance (3 blocks or less), and another in doable, but less enticing (20 minutes) distance. There was one called Groove Fitness with a live DJ. (Someone told me Brian Henson frequented there). But it closed down.

I have a tendency to prefer the classy-looking ones with the free towels, the vast vaulted ceilings full of untouched virgin equipment, whirlpools, steam rooms and saunae. But these are a) PRICEY and b) too far west for me. (Granted, there's the new LA Fitness, but I don't know, something about it bugged me. Maybe because it was built in the ruins of the old, seedy Hollywood Galaxy movie theatre and I'm sensing the ghosts of late 90s movie-goers and employees who died there -- trapped by being stuck to the floor covered in spilled soda and crushed Joo-joo Bees. At least now they can do cardio for all Eternity...)

It's a sad fact but most gyms around here do not offer towel service! Wha?? Unlike some people, I do not like laundry...

I finally settled on Hollywood Gym, which is family-owned and has the basics (plus towels!) and a trainer. I like that it's not corporate. And it's quite literally a block away from me.

24 Hour Fitness (misleading advertising -- it's not open 24 hours IN A DAY! Hollywood Gym is though) wreaked of corporate-ness, from the massive paperwork and rows of desks full of sales people trainers to the endless product placement and expensive supplements on sale. Crunch sounded amusing -- apparently, they have a blurry glass wall in the showers so that folks coming in can see the naked silhoettes of presumably well-sculpted gym-goers. Free porn, anyone?

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