Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ooh! Me want! Moldover's new custom controller, the Mojo now for sale

Electronic music performer Moldover has long been a pioneer in unusual ways to DJ and perform music.  His modus operandi has been to hack apart off-the-shelf MIDI USB controllers (like those from M-Audio and Novation), add his own bits, remove the ones in the way, and hook up the Frankensteinian result to a laptop running music software such as Ableton Live and Reaktor. 

Moldover calls this increasingly common practice of making and using new DJ interfaces "controllerism."  Like many DIY and Open Source creators, he has been very open about his techniques, offering many youtube demonstration videos and giving regular talks at music technology user groups.

Well now Moldover has a new toy to play with, and you can play it too!  (For a mere $1800)  This one he had custom-built with rugged, ergonomically-aligned arcade buttons, and an industrial-grade metal and wood case. 

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rainy Tuesday & Thoughts of Turntables Spinning In My Head

One of the hazards of any new hobby you may start is "Gear Lust." For me, right now, that lustworthy object is the Turntable, the modern term for a phonograph or record player.

Before my DJ class, these were delicate, antique devices irrelevant in today's world except for those with shelves full of old 12" LP records, or props used in hip music videos. Now I understand clearly -- turntables are the "stick-shift" of controlling the playback of music. Sure, you can do "automatic" with your laptop or even those tiny performance CD turntables. But what you really want is the raw power, the torque and feel of a pair of over-built spinning wheels of sound.

Everyone says Technics is the best. It's in 90+% of the clubs out there, apparently. Though according to some reviews, the other brands like Numark, Vestax and Stanton have caught up with equal or surpassing turntables.

I'm a newbie though. I could get by with a discount kit meant for "bedroom DJing". (This is an actual term! Why do DJs practice in their bedrooms?? Not the kitchen, dining room, parlor, basement or garage, hence the term "garage band"? If one gets "turntable" as a weapon in the game CLUE, you can be sure it's a DJ in the bedroom?)

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