Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jonathan Coulton on Yahoo!

Jonathan Coulton has broken out into the semi-mainstream with an article about him on Yahoo News! Nifty.

Who is Jonathan Coulton, you ask? Well, he's a great geeky singer/songwriter I've written about before who got his start through the Internet and is now touring.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Build Your Very Own Ball Pit

Russell Monroe, the creator of my favorite geeky comic strip xkcd (featured in Wired magazine this month) wrote about making his own ball pit (you know, like those you find in kids' amusement parks or Chuck E. Cheese's) in his blog. Russell is on the far right side here, using his Fujitsu Lifebook.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Robot + Pet + Analog Synthesizer =Thingamagoob

For $100, this adorable pet Thingamagoob can be yours to love and give a good home. Each one has a customizable color scheme and is a simple monophonic analog synthesizer hand-made by John-Michael Reed over in Austin, Texas. I met Mr. Reed at Bent '07 here in Los Angeles. Formerly a grocery store clerk with no formal electronics training, he has cleverly turned his music tinkering hobby into a full-time business.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Google Gmail Marionettes!

Ahhh, Google. You keep impressing me. Now you have Geeks and Puppets coming together to demonstrate how the Gmail Email service can improve communications.

Previously, Gmail was invitation-only, but it has as of Valentine's Day, opened its doors to everyone. I highly recommend it over Yahoo! Mail Beta, a sluggish copy-cat. Although I have used Yahoo! Mail for years, the latest version is slowwwww and heavy if (like me) you have a decade worth of email. Gmail on the other hand, is nimble and has far better searching ability (it is Google, after all). I also like how its Chat client is built-in, unlike Yahoo which has a very heavy downloadable client with far too many features. Most of my friends are using Microsoft's MSN Messenger now (although the two are compatible) or Skype. A few are still using the ridiculous AOL AIM Instant Messenger. And fewer still are using the one that started them all, ICQ.

While we're on the subject, there are the Multi-IM clients, like the Mac-only Adium, the Open Source Miranda, and the popular Trillian.

All of these formerly smallish utilities are growing up to be mini-browsers; browsers are growing to become large applications. The eco-system on my desktop is getting a bit unruly! But I suppose that's the price to pay for a good competitive landscape. Otherwise, everything would be Microsoft.

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